Sunday, July 29, 2018

360: Saint Etienne de Tinée, France 06 - my first 360 shot...

I recently received my first 360 camera, a Xiaomi Mijia 360 and this is my very first shot. Nothing to brag about really. I'm just getting acquainted with this new 360/VR tools. It's been a long way since the first QuickTime VRs.

The picture was taken yesterday in front of my house in the heart of Saint Etienne de Tinée (1150m) in the Maritime Alps, France, where i spend the summer.

The Image quality is somewhat OK for the price... i wish it would be sharper. But it is quite stunning to be able to snap a 360 panorama in one shot, process it and publish it full screen so easily.

To be followed...

Monday, May 21, 2018

World Wind JAVA SDK posts are back online

I have to apologize for all the broken links in my WWJ related post lately.

I failed to renew the domain name under which i was hosting most of my NASA World Wind related work and some domain name squatter took it over... Long story short, i transferred everything to my other domain name but had to edit a lot of links and references.

Most of everything is certainly dated or integrated into the SDK though... But i hope some things may still be interesting or useful to someone, so there it is, back online. ;-)