Monday, January 18, 2010

Textured Wall for World Wind Java

Following up on a WWJ Forum post regarding a 'vertical image' to display atmospheric data, i quickly put together a simple renderable that will draw an image on a plane perpendicular to the globe surface.

Textured wall for WWJ
Download - remove the .txt extension and save in the SDK render package.

Nothing fancy, really, a texture rendered over a quad - it will not 'curve' around the globe on long distances. The quad is defined with two LatLon locations, a bottom and a top altitude. It is also an example of a simple renderable using OGL primitives that may serve as a base template for more sophisticated objects.

NASA Software Of The Year 2009 Plaque

Happy 2010 to you all! - and plenty of virtual globes!

Sorry for posting so little lately... the World Wind Java SDK is keeping the team very busy. I also lost my father last summer.

I should certainly post a review of what has changed in the WWJ SDK since the nightly builds and 0.6 have been made available (was it last March?!) and i'm hopping to do that soon.

In the mean time i'm proud to show you the beautiful plaque i received from NASA, almost for Christmas. It is surprisingly heavy!