Saturday, May 26, 2007

Loading icon based WW add-ons in WWJ

Here is a first shot at a WW icon add-ons loader for WWJ. It creates icon layers from a WW add-on XML config file. The screenshot shows the Flags of the World, the 'classic' Landmark Catalog and the Highest Mountains add-ons.

Download (10k) and follow instructions in the readme.txt to add the included "Highest Mountains" add-on from Martin Zoepfl aka mazop, in the BasicDemo application.

This version handles icon 'rollover' and displays a short name or description as a 'tooltip' hint. If a 'clickable url' was associated with an icon, clicking on it will (should) launch your web browser to that address. And if the config file contains a 'ChildLayerSet's hierarchy it will be flatten into one linear list.

Note that you have to 'shake' the mouse cursor over an icon before its name pops up... to be continued.

See this WWJ forum thread for discussion.

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