Thursday, June 14, 2007

Growing box like structures inside WWJ

As i was working on some aspects of SurfaceShape(s) and Polyline(s) in the WWJ SDK, i came to try out the 'filled' option for polylines - which could allow to make non textured 3D models. Here is a simple method to draw boxes on the globe.

Cut and paste this code into the AWT1Up demo application to reproduce the above example.

This is probably not the right way to build entire cities... but it can certainly help to be able to build some simple 3D structures with a handfull of filled polylines.

See this WWJ forum thread for discussion.


Unknown said...

I am using the Java 1.6.0_03 and the NASA World Wind Java Alpha 4.1 0.4.1 and I got a problem with your example.

I don't have the setFollowGreatCircles method in my Polyline class.

Can you just copy/past it?

Thanks you


Patrick Murris said...

Akhésa, this example has been put together for version 0.2 of the SDK and doesnt work anymore with 0.4.1.

Please check the WWJ forum link at the end of my post for related comments and solutions.