Thursday, May 8, 2008

World Wind Java On a Multi-Touch Wall

Almost a year after the first World Wind Java SDK release in may 2007, a number of applications have emerged and have been gathered on the WWJ demo page. Whether it be for exploring the ocean depth, controlling cameras flying in the sky, tracking satellites or visualizing information clusters, WWJ is indeed showing up in a wide range of activities.


The University of Muenster Institute for Geoinformatics has now used WWJ for a multi-touch wall project. From Johannes Schöning IFGI:

"We developed a Multi-Touch version of Nasa World Wind on a 7.9 x 6.2 feet tall FTIR (frustrated total internal reflection) based Multi Touch wall. This implementation is based on a multi-touch tracking library developed within the Project: Multitouch at the Deutsche Telekom AG Laboratories, which is part of the TU Berlin."
Videos can be seen on YouTube or Google

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Dan G said...

The word is overused, but that really is "awesome"! Like something out of the movies or "24"!

I want one!