Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Wind Java 0.6 Screenshots

While the next alpha 0.6 version of the NASA World Wind Java SDK is not ready yet, here are some screenshots showing some of the coming features.

NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6
NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6Airspace shapes and volumes, terrain conforming or not.

NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6Distance and area measure tools, terrain following or not.

NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6View visual controls layer, provides a GUI to pan, tilt, zoom or look around.

NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6
NASA World Wind Java SDK 0.6Extended track markers shapes and attribute management.


tamas.kornai said...

Very promising, thanks for posting them!

Chiss said...

Allo Pat,

J'en salive deja...!

Anonymous said...

that's amazing. thanks pat. can't wait for the release

lelo said...

when will the version available 0.6 world wind java

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

This looks really great thanks for giving us an early view.


Chris said...

Looks great. Any update on time frame?

Patrick Murris said...

A release was in the talks for end of 2008 but has since been delayed for lack of time to prepare it.

Keep in mind the WWJ SDK is funded by a number of 'sponsors', US government agencies for most, and the development team is very busy answering their needs.

Please read this WWJ Forum post for updates.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pat

Will there be earth conforming volumes? I mean not conformaing to terrain details but just having a minimal altitude, and a maximal altitude, so upper face and lower face are spherical (conforming to earth) while other faces are vertical (generated by lines coming from the earth centre).

Patrick Murris said...

Yes, i think the new Airspace volumes will do that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

I wonder if arrows or arrowed polylines will be available (do draw flows for example). I know a cylinder plus a cone would make an arrow, but it may be to heavy to draw many of them. Just flat arrows of flat arrowed polyline may be more convenient.

Thank you already for the answer to my previous post, I now know that AirSpace will be a solution for me. I think that despite of the name that underwater AirSpaces will be achievable.