Sunday, October 21, 2007

Flat worlds and annotations coming to WWJ

Here is a preview of coming features for WWJ 0.3.x...

Dragging shapes example on 'plate carrée' world

Flat worlds are still in the experimental stage but should ultimately allow to have both a 'cartographic' flat global view of the globe and 3D terrain. Various projections of the world should also become available. Quite fun and interesting.

Annotation tests

Comic books bubble annotations are on their way too. They will come with a simple general purpose multi-line text renderer and wrapper some have been asking for ;)


Erik said...

Wow, very cool. :)

Jean said...

o ho, je suis curieux de voir ça.
Avec le lambert 2 étendu ? ;o)
Bravo !

turman said...

Jolis les screenshots! Magnifique point de vue sur le 2e.. ;)

Si WW 0.3.x supporte différents modes de projection c'est aussi une très bonne nouvelle..

Patrick Murris said...

Settable projections would be for flat worlds geometry only.

Supporting other imagery projections on the ellipsoid is another matter entirely that has not been addressed yet - although it is being discussed.

PS: je réponds en anglais pour que cela puisse servir au plus grand nombre - pas parceque je pense que ça fait plus pro ;)

Chiss said...

Wow, c'est incroyable les progres de WWJ depuis les derniers 6 mois!