Saturday, November 24, 2007

WWJ Bug Exhibition

Sometime things go wrong. In most occurrence it doesn't produce anything more than irritation, but on rare occasions it can also lead to quite unexpected or intriguing results. Here are a few screenshots captured in such moments:

The 'globe back flip' made a fugitive appearance recently. New Zealand was on top of the world at last.

What came to be known as the Butterfly World emerged spontaneously from a wrong modification of the sinusoidal projection in flat worlds... i was expecting more of an oval shape, and there it came out. I took the screenshot and corrected the code. We will never know what was the formula. Chaos and butterflies, what a cliché.

The bold garbled text bubble briefly showed up during annotations development, while challenging JOGL text renderer with lots of larger fonts. What powerful message is hidden in this unknown dialect?

I cant help but feel there is something far reaching in the symbol. At a private showing in New York, someone fainted and a guest got so agitated he had to be helped out. "The big void in the middle of the first line is very unsettling i admit" declared the embarrassed host.


Ken said...

Hey Patrick,

Great job with the World Wind examples - you are practically the only one on the web providing such information.

I noticed you said annotations were under development. Where can we go to find out what new features are being added? Can we get access to more up to date builds?


Patrick Murris said...

The best place to grab the latest info on WWJ development is the WorldWind Java forum.

The dev team is small and quite busy as you imagine, but all questions are heard and most of the time answered. I personally forward some of the posts to team members on occasions to make sure they dont miss them.

A nightly build repository has been discussed but i do not if or when it will happen.

In the mean time code updates are provided every few weeks, when a version is stable enough and of interest to be let out. A new one is not far away...