Monday, November 26, 2007

Mars and Moon layers for WWJ

Someone just asked about Mars in the WorldWind Java forum and this reminded me the imagery is out there for the .Net version of WW, begging to be streamed into WWJ.

Mars MOC Colorized 256 layer

Moon Clementine 40xx color layer

Here are Mars and Moon - they are supposed to go in worldwind.layers.Mars and Moon respectively. December 13 update: get the two full globes here.

This of course is just a preview of the two bodies - over the Earth surface. The elevation data is out there too, but needs to be compressed differently for WWJ, and that is not ready yet, i believe. Eventually the Moon and Mars will have their own globes, elevation models and layer sets.


fabrizio giudici said...

Hmm... I see a problem. Now blueMarine could geotag photos taken on the Moon, but how the f*ck can I go to the Moon to shoot a photo? :-P

Maybe in future our NASA friends can give us a ride...

fabrizio giudici said...

(oh well, of course I meant Mars, but anyway I think I could accept a hike to the moon too ;-)

Patrick Murris said...

Fabrizio, i would argue here that somehow you can already go to Mars and take pictures - kind of, by using the daily flow of images coming from the two rovers.

I did assemble stereo pairs out of the raw images on a day to day basis, at the beginning of the mission, and although it is not exactly as if i had taken the pictures, there was a hint of the thrill nonetheless.

fabrizio giudici said...

But my Nikon would be jealous... :-)