Thursday, December 13, 2007

Full Mars And Moon Globes for WWJ

Here they are, the Moon and Mars with elevations and the full layer sets from the .Net version.

WWJ Mars THEMIS ColorMars THEMIS Color layer

WWJ Moon Clementine 30Moon Clementine 30

Download (15k) and add to your WorldWind Java SDK source tree.

The package includes two example applications that put together the two globes with the appropriate layers.

Be patient at first run: these globes do not have a 'base' image layer that ensures you see something even with an empty cache. So the first time you will have to wait for the level zero tiles to get through before you have a planet to spin.

The elevation data comes from the same servers as the .Net version but in zipped files. This service has never been used and has an empty cache right now, so the first users will have to wait a bit longer to see some alien mountains.

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