Tuesday, December 4, 2007

WorldWind Java SDK 0.4 is out

As previously hinted a new code update has been posted today by the WWJ team. Here are links to the WWJ SDK 0.4.1 (Zip 6.5M) and the Java Web Start demo 0.4.1.

WorldWind Java SDK 0.4.0
What has changed since 0.3 - October 10, 2007:

Annotations are the main new feature - you have already seen a couple screenshots here. I will come back to them in future posts.

As usual, many bug fixes and corrections have taken place - some in response to the forum comments and requests: the shutdown process has been revisited, the input handler now allows the application to use and consume mouse events before they get to it, layer opacity support has been improved - although it is not yet what you would expect. WMS capability parsing has been made faster too and network operations should generally behave better when offline.

Flat worlds have been moved to the main source folder so you can have a glimpse of it - however it is not yet ready for prime time as you will quickly find out.

The image tiles processing order has been revisited and will now load lower resolution levels before loading the needed one. This behavior ensures that a layer stays 'consistent' when zooming out - tiles are not missing.

New level set constructors allow to create custom tiled image layers - see BMNGLandsatCombined example.

You will notice the overall WorldWind SDK package is lighter - 6.5M vs 13M. The Blue Marble level zero tiles have been removed and replaced with the BMNGOneImage 'base' layer. Worldwind.jar is now 1.6M vs 5M in the previous version.

December 5 update: version 0.4.1 has been posted in response to problems with offline operations: "fixed NetworkStatus bug causing freeze for some, added an off-line attribute to the WorldWind class to elect not to use the network, added a show-network-status attribute to StatusBar". Above links have been updated.

Check this post on the WWJ forum for details of the version readme.txt and follow up comments. Also check WorldWind Java SDK home pages at NASA Learning Technologies and WorldWind Central.


Anonymous said...

If there is a list of WWJ apps, I haven't found it. A list of publicly available apps would help users to find the tools they need.

Patrick Murris said...

Check this page at WorldWind Central.