Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WWJ Look Around View Example

WWJ View Look Around example
Here is a view control panel example that simulates a 'first person' view with the default orbit view.

Download the ViewLookAround.java example - remove the .txt extension and add it to the worldwind.examples package.

Although this is far from a first person view implementation that would let you walk or fly around, this simple example allows you to 'look around', as if you where suspended in the air at a fixed position.


bdschubert said...

Very cool!
Thanks for all the tips.

Patrick Murris said...

I hope this view behavior will be maintained - the WWJ view is still a work in progress...

I suggested we include the look around feature in the default input handling. Something like Ctrl + Alt + Left-Click + Drag for heading and pitch and Ctrl + Alt + Scroll-Wheel for the field of view.

That would make for a very versatile view handling IMO.